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A combination of many years experience and high level of expertise has made Stigan Media one of the leading SEO companies in Vancouver. We received several SEO awards on Clutch.

As a local company ourselves, we know the ins and outs of this city. More importantly, we know that our SEO services in Vancouver will help your business stand out and cut through the competition. With our unique approach, our search engine optimization services will help your website dominate major search engines, maximizing your business through our evolving strategies. Let us build an SEO campaign tailored to your business goals and watch your company increase in ranks and profits.


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What Is Search Engine Optimization Marketing and why your business need one?

Tips On Hiring an SEO Specialist

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing strategy focused on growing your website's visibility in organic or natural (non-paid) search engine results in Google and Bing. It uses search engine algorithms that determine your website's performance and when done right, helps it rank higher without Google Ads. SEO includes technical requirements such as on-page and off-page to help drive traffic and increase the number of pages indexed by search engines using keyword research. As a result - an increase in the number of potential customers, real sales and earnings, the company, which hired us for the SEO Marketing. Our SEO company in Vancouver can help you with that.

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Why Choosing our SEO Company For Your Needs?

This is a competitive city to run a business in; making it easy to get overlooked if you're not utilizing modern strategies. While competitive, bringing in business locally is not impossible with the best SEO service in Vancouver. Whether you are building a website for your Vancouver business from scratch or want to optimize the results of your existing one, Stigan Media's dedicated team provides strategic SEO methods to maximize your profits and further your exposure.

Our experience working with all sorts of different industries has made us Vancouver search engine optimization experts. From accountants, lawyers, and realtors to roofers, electricians, dentists, home contractors, and more, our team can cater our Vancouver SEO services to suit your needs. More importantly, our strategies will set you apart to boost organic growth and grant you city-wide exposure.

Local SEO and Google My Business?

When’s the last time you scrolled past the first page on Google? The hard truth of modern business is that to be on top, your company needs to rank high on people’s search engines. Luckily, our Vancouver SEO services can help you get there. Depending on your target demographic, we will optimize your website with local SEO Vancouver keywords to help you snag that top spot on Google, bringing you higher ranking and better business.

SEO Strategy

We don’t consider ourselves “Vancouver SEO experts” for nothing. To bring you results, our team finds the fastest, most efficient methods to help your business achieve page-1 Google rankings. Using A.I. systems, we will determine which metrics require focus by reverse-engineering the Google Algorithm to identify highly searched keywords relating to your industry. Not only will this improve your company’s visibility in searches, but it will also transform your website into a targeted ad for your key demographic. Grow your business while you sleep with our search engine optimization services!

SEO Content

While your website should prioritize Vancouver SEO to boost business, the quality of the content is just as important. SEO strategy requires more than throwing random keywords on a homepage. We want the content to flow naturally and be integrated flawlessly. To give you the best SEO in Vancouver, our team is relentless when it comes to delivering advantageous results in the shortest amount of time. Simple, strategic, and succinct: that’s what makes us the go-to SEO company in Vancouver.

Why Does My Website Need SEO Services?

Do you want more website visitors? The major part of online website traffic now is conducted by search engines. While GoogleYahoo and Bing have seen the most traffic, our efforts can optimize for other search engines as well. Social media is another great way to drive traffic to your website, however, in the world of advertising, we should consider social media as display advertising and not directional marketing. The difference is when someone is in need of your product or service, they search for specific keywords and usually include a city or town in their search. In 2016, we saw an increase in the number of search results that included the words 'near me' as well as Google Trends.

Stigan search engine optimization successful case study

Google trend on the rising search interest of the keywords 'near me'.

As search engines evolve and continue to learn more about our behavior, they will only get smarter and want relevant content related to local search (e.g. "Vancouver search engine optimization"). Our SEO company located in Vancouver, BC can help you with that. Get a free website audit by a trusted SEO consultant today.

What company should be hired for search engine optimization?

Chances are, you've been emailed several times or you've received multiple phone calls from companies who claim to 'work with Google' or 'has Google listings Available for your business'... These companies might not be the right fit for your SEO or marketing team.

At Stigan Media, we are experts in search engine optimization. Our SEO agency wants your Vancouver business to rise in the search engine ranks. Google’s methods to grade your site’s standings are constantly changing, so your website should as well. That’s where we come in.

Once we better understand your business and learn what your company goals are, an SEO specialist at Stigan Media will develop a local SEO strategy that focuses on the current performance of your website, based on an initial SEO report we generate with our SEO Auditor for Vancouver area.

Once we determine the plan of action we implement the changes to your website, this is called On-Page SEO.

Building SEO For Your Website

Stigan media search engine optimization page screenshotIf you're in the market for building a new website, you should consider adding some of the search engine optimization elements to your website during the build!

For example, when you send your images to your web developer, chances are they won't rename the files for you. If you take the time to rename all the images you want to use on your new website, not only will it be easier for the developer to know where to place the images, it makes it easier for search engines to determine what is on the picture! Additional tasks are required within to complete the search engine optimization on an image like including 'alt-tags' and compressing the file size.

Consider Local Business Search Engine Optimization In 2023

One extremely important aspect of Search engine optimization is Local SEO. With effective Local SEO, people can find your business when they conduct their search in apps like Google Maps and Apple Maps. And this method of searching is growing in popularity.

What's more, the app for Google maps listings have recently undergone changes. Before the top seven options appeared, now it's only three. Your competition just got that much tighter.

Stigan Media ranks for "SEO agency" search team in Vancouver area

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Why Choose Stigan Media As Your SEO Company in Vancouver?

Unlike other Vancouver SEO companies, Stigan Media has been working in web development before it became mainstream. As the “#1 Local search engine optimization Experts in Vancouver, BC,” we don’t just promise results, we deliver them. Through our many years of providing the best SEO in Vancouver to local companies, our efforts, talents, and results have been recognized. We are so proud to have been named Canada’s “Top Web Designers” and one of the “Top Marketing Agencies” by Clutch through 2018 to 2020.

While industry recognition is appreciated, above all else, we prioritize our clients’ satisfaction and feedback. That’s why we have dedicated decades of hard work and determination to help companies grow their businesses organically. We are continuously uncovering ways to help our clients be seen, accessible, and high-ranking within the digital community. If you’ve searched for “Vancouver SEO Company” or “Vancouver SEO Expert” and landed on our site, you’ve found a company that not only delivers excellence, but cares about its clients throughout the process.

It's time for your business to stake its claim at the top of every search engine, and Stigan Media is the company to get you there. Speak with a reliable SEO consultant and book a free website audit today.

Make Sure To Pick The Best Vancouver Search Engine Optimization Agency For Your Business in BC

seo friendly website

SEO results of an actual client.

Chances are, you've heard from several companies in Vancouver offering the best SEO service in town; some who claim to be Google partners, others offering Google listings for your business. While it may seem like a promising path to follow, these companies probably aren't the right fit when it comes to SEO and marketing. But Stigan Media could be…

If you're looking for SEO specialists in Vancouver, Stigan Media is the best fit for you. We will develop a thorough understanding of your company and learn about your specific goals. Using the data from a localized SEO audit in Vancouver, we will construct a plan that utilizes Vancouver SEO to further the performance of your website and increase traffic. Once we determine the plan of action, we will implement onsite SEO and make the necessary changes to your website. We will also use offsite SEO using link building strategies to make your website more trusted and respected - according to search engines.

Stigan Media provides search engine optimization services for many business industries e.g. medical clinics, lawyers, realtors, e-commerce stores as well as we do SEO for cannabis industry in Canada.

However, we're an SEO agency in Vancouver that goes beyond the strategies of SEO to bring a full-fledged and streamlined user experience to your website. No one likes to waste time waiting for a page to load. A part of our Vancouver search engine optimization services includes Website Speed Optimization – meaning we not only help users find your site through SEO, but we also help turn those clicks into conversions with a fast-loading, easy-to-use website.

Our Knowledge in Search Engine Optimization

Looking for a reliable SEO company? At Stigan Media, we're proud to have the top SEO consultants in Vancouver on our team. Our experts work tirelessly to provide your business with Vancouver SEO that is top-ranking and begets continuous results. What do we mean by this? Our goal is to help your business rise in the search engine ranks. And since Google's ranking methods are constantly changing, your website needs to as well. That's where Vancouver SEO consulting comes in. To keep your website relevant, current, and optimized, it needs to be audited and updated regularly using the latest SEO practices. With the help of our search engine optimization agency in Vancouver – and our experienced, highly-trained search engine optimization consultants – we're dedicated to not only getting your website on top but keeping it there. That's what makes us Vancouver's leading SEO company.

Optimize for Local SEO

As a local SEO company based out of Vancouver, we understand that it can be difficult to compete with larger competitors and attract customers effectively. However, our SEO services can help you stand out by optimizing your website for top search engine rankings. By utilizing the best practices in SEO and digital marketing, we can increase the visibility of your business, gain organic traffic, and reach potential customers who are searching online.

How will we do it? Our SEO team will first conduct an assessment of your current website to identify areas of improvement. We will then develop actionable strategies and tactics that align with your business objectives. These may include things like optimizing content, implementing technical SEO practices, creating backlinks, monitoring analytics, and tracking performance results. Having a local SEO partner in Vancouver who understands the region's unique challenges and trends can be invaluable for businesses of any size.

Our SEO Services: Web Design, Copywriting, Strategy

No matter your business, Stigan Media has the digital solutions to make it shine. Outside of our SEO services in Vancouver, we offer web design, copywriting, and digital marketing strategies to optimize your online presence and assist with overall business growth. Get the most out of your digital marketing efforts and work with a team that cares about the success of your business as much as it's own.

For effective internet marketing, you want to use a combination of SEO keywords and a digital marketing strategy tailored to your business goals. As a Vancouver-based website design company, we provide strategic methods to build custom-branded websites that are tailored to your business. Using innovative designs, effective calls to action, and concise, compelling copy, our efforts will turn your visitors into loyal customers. As specialists in WordPress development, we use online design strategies and Vancouver SEO to help generate ongoing revenue and leads for your company. From smooth and functional e-commerce sites to detailed, customized contractor sites, we know the ins and outs of building a website specific to not only your industry but your unique company. Leaders in Vancouver web design, we have built over 450 websites that are healthy, profitable, and continuously optimized.

It's one thing to get users on your site, now you want potential clients to explore it. While the visual message of your brand is important, so are the words on the screen. To encourage users to click through your website, the copy needs to grab their attention right away. It needs to be concise, compelling, and creative, while also utilizing important keywords, especially for landing pages. As such, our Vancouver SEO consultant and copywriting teams work together closely to not only invite users but captivate them with great web content. Whether it's editing your current content for clarity, grammar, and SEO, or helping your website stay visible in search engine rankings through regular blogs, our copywriting professionals are equipped with cutting edge knowledge and market trends to make your business stand out.

Lastly, to compete in modern business, your company needs to utilize the latest in marketing techniques and digital strategies. At Stigan Media, we can help determine which strategies are best suited to your business to ensure digital visibility with effective online marketing efforts. For example, you may want to build a social media presence to advertise your business on several platforms. Social media marketing is only growing in relevancy, and our team of social media specialists can get you more brand visibility and overall business success. Our marketing and search engine optimization consultants in Vancouver can turn your ideas into a reality to make your brand stand out. With cost-effective campaigns and forward-thinking strategies, our consultants can prevent company losses, rebrand your business, and bring greater awareness to your products and services.

More than just an SEO company in Vancouver, Stigan Media is an all-round digital marketing agency that will optimize your business, one step at a time.

Your website's health is a lot like your physical health. If you don't maintain or update it, you are more prone to get viruses or issues. Your website's health affects its performance, especially when it comes to search engine optimization. To ensure your online success, we will monitor your website to catch any irregularities or sources of friction.

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