SEO For Tutors: 101% Organic Growth in 1 Year

SEO for tutors case study

The tutoring world is becoming super competitive, with lots of remote tutors joining the scene and online competition skyrocketing. At Stigan Media, our SEO team knows exactly how to navigate this. We’ve been working with local tutors, helping them get noticed online.

How did we achieve such impressive results? Keep reading this article or save your time contact us for a free SEO audit for tutors.

For instance, we used our special SEO strategies for the tutoring industry to help a tutoring center in Surrey, BC:

101% organic traffic increase for tutor client


They saw their online visits jump by more than 101% in just one year. That’s the power of good SEO at work!

See you details below on how Stigan Media can help with tutor SEO.

1. Starting with the Right Keywords for SEO for Tutors

Example of tutoring keyword research via Semrush for tutor's SEO

Successful SEO for tutors begins with finding the right keywords. It might seem easy, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Here’s how we ensure we pick winning keywords for tutors:

  • We make sure the keywords we target are actually being searched for. For example, ranking #1 for “in-person Spanish tutor in Abbotsford for kids” sounds great, but if no one is searching for it, it won’t bring any visitors or leads.
  • We look for keywords that match what your tutoring business offers. Keywords like “English tutor Vancouver” are perfect because they show someone is looking for a tutor in their area. But a keyword like “can a tutor help me learn English?” might only bring up general advice articles, not leads for your business.
  • Using tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush, we find keywords that you have a good chance of ranking for. Depending on your budget, we focus on less competitive keywords that can still bring traffic and leads to your tutoring business.

Keyword research for SEO for tutors is like planning the first lesson. If it’s not right, the rest won’t work as well.

2. Setting Up Web Analytics to Monitor SEO for Tutors

Organic clicks after our SEO strategy for tutoring client

Before we start improving your tutor website’s SEO, we make sure we can track everything properly.

We set up tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console to keep an eye on how your website is doing and find any issues.

We also make sure we can manage your Google Business Page and add your tutoring service to Bing and Apple Maps if it’s not there yet.

We use special SEO software to track where your website ranks and set up goals in Google Analytics to see how many people are contacting you because of our work.

This way, we can show you the real results of our SEO efforts and how they help your tutoring business.

3. Optimizing Website Architecture For Your Tutoring Website

Website architecture for the best SEO of tutoring website

The next step involves reviewing your current website’s structure. Often, we find many chances to improve, which helps not only with  tutor’s SEO but also makes the site better for visitors.

For SEO in the tutoring field, having a well-organized site with clear links is crucial. Here, we figure out which pages are bringing in visitors and potential clients to your tutoring service, whether it’s in-person or online. These are the pages we focus on optimizing. For example, it’s important for tutors to have detailed pages for each subject you teach, the locations you cover, a contact form, and information about your team.

We also work on linking these pages properly within your site and tweaking your navigation bar and footer to ensure everything is easy to find and use.

4. SEO Content Optimization for Tutors

SEO optimization of tutoring website with Surfer SEO

Next, we focus on making the keywords on your tutoring website work harder. We update the text on pages that are key for the tutoring subjects and areas you specialize in. To make sure we get it right for Google, we use a special tool called Surfer SEO. This tool checks what the top tutoring websites are doing right and tells us how to include the right amount of tutoring-related words.

Our team of skilled writers then gets to work. We chat with you to make sure we know all the important details about your tutoring services. Then, our writers craft content that not only attracts more tutoring students but also fits all the tutoring keywords we need to include. Unlike other companies that might use cheap writers just to cram in keywords, resulting in low-quality content, we focus on writing engaging and top-quality text. Our in-house team of writers is experienced in creating content specifically for the tutoring industry, ensuring that your tutoring website not only ranks well but also connects with potential students.

5. On-Page SEO Tuning for Tutoring Websites

On-page SEO optimization for tutoring website

The next step is fine-tuning the on-page SEO, which means making changes not just to the pages where you’re looking to attract new tutoring students, but across your entire website. Here’s a simplified breakdown of what needs attention to help your tutoring website rank well on Google:

  • Meta Titles: Update them to include key details like the subject you teach, the fact that you’re offering tutoring, and your location.
  • Meta Descriptions: While they don’t directly impact rankings, a compelling description can make someone more likely to click on your link. Mentioning special offers for new tutoring students can help.
  • Alt Tags: Make sure images have descriptions that naturally incorporate your keywords, helping explain what the image is about.
  • H1 Tags: Each page should have one main H1 tag that clearly states what the page is about, ideally including your subject, that it’s for tutoring, and your location.
  • H2 to H6 Tags: Use these to organize your content in a way that’s easy for both people and search engines to understand, without stuffing them with keywords.
  • Schema Markup: This is code that helps search engines understand your content better, like showing reviews of your tutoring services directly in search results.
  • SEO-Friendly URLs: Ensure your web addresses are easy to read and include your main keyword where possible.
  • Internal Linking: Link pages within your site in a way that makes sense, helping potential students navigate easily.
  • Customer Testimonials: Add genuine reviews from your tutoring students to boost credibility.
  • E-E-A-T: Show off your tutors’ experience, expertise, and qualifications to prove why your tutoring service is trustworthy.

By covering these areas, you’ll not only make your tutoring website more appealing to search engines but also to potential students looking for tutoring services like yours.

6. Boosting Your Tutoring Service with Local SEO and Google Business Profile

For tutoring services, whether you’re teaching students locally in person or offering online tutoring across the country or globally, local SEO plays a key role in attracting students. If your tutoring is local, enhancing your local SEO is a must, and we’ve successfully boosted many of our tutoring clients in the areas they serve.

After ensuring your tutoring service is listed on Google Maps with the correct contact info, the next step is to fully integrate your website with your Google Business Profile. We make sure every detail is accurate, from the URL to using the right keywords in your profile. We check if your tutoring service is listed under the most relevant categories and then move on to updating and optimizing images on your Google Business Profile to make them more appealing.

GBP Optimization for tutoring client

We also adjust your listed service areas to cover the most important locations where you want to attract students. Regular updates to your Google Business Profile, like adding posts, keep it fresh and engaging.

A big challenge in ranking higher in Google Business Profile listings is the importance of reviews. Reviews are critical, but getting them and ensuring they help with SEO can be tricky. We can’t directly influence this, but we can guide you. We provide templates to encourage your tutoring students to leave reviews that are both positive and contain relevant keywords. Actively working on building your tutoring service’s reputation through reviews is essential for quick ranking improvements. Remember, responding professionally and with SEO in mind to all reviews also matters (we do that on your behalf).

We don’t stop with Google; we also make sure your tutoring service is optimized on Bing Business Profile, ensuring no opportunity to reach potential students is missed.

7. Off-Page SEO for Your Tutoring Business

The final and perhaps most challenging step for any tutoring website is off-page SEO, which mainly involves acquiring backlinks (links from other sites to yours). Many find this step daunting due to the time, effort, and expertise required. Moreover, it’s not just about getting any backlinks; they need to be from reputable sources. Cheap backlink services might offer quick fixes but often result in low-quality links that can harm your website’s reputation and SEO performance.

At Stigan Media, we’ve developed a systematic approach to building backlinks that effectively boost the online presence of tutoring businesses:

  • Listing in Local Directories: We start by listing your tutoring service in every relevant local directory we can find. This not only helps with backlinks but also supports your local SEO efforts by making your location and contact information more visible to search engines like Google.
  • Earning Links from Valued Domains: Over the years, we’ve established relationships with owners of educational websites and other relevant domains. They allow us to post content on their sites that include links back to our tutoring clients’ websites. Currently, we have a network of over 1,000 reputable websites that we partner with to help our clients gain high-quality backlinks.

This strategic approach to off-page SEO sets us apart and helps tutoring services like yours rise above the competition.


In conclusion, the right SEO strategy can significantly elevate your tutoring service’s online presence, attracting more students and establishing your authority in the education sector.

Attempting to navigate the complex world of SEO without expertise can be overwhelming and may not yield the desired results. That’s where the experts at Stigan Media come in. With our specialized approach tailored specifically for tutoring businesses, we can help you leverage SEO to its fullest potential, ensuring your service stands out in a crowded market. Trusting Stigan Media with your SEO needs means putting your tutoring service on the path to online visibility, increased traffic, and ultimately, growth.

We specialize in SEO for tutoring services at Stigan Media. If SEO is a challenge, our free SEO audit is here to help.

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