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Responsive Web Design With Lead Generation In Mind

At Stigan Media, we will help you choose which option is best for your business. And we will ensure that whether your customers are on a smartphone or tablet, they will enjoy a seamless and convenient experience. A happy customer is a returning customer. Don’t underestimate the power of a good mobile experience.


Responsive Web Design

If your company’s website is not compatible for mobile devices, you will lose customers. Studies show that without a seamless, smart, mobile experience, 40 percent of customers will go to a competitor and over 60 percent of people will never return to your site. On the other hand, you will see increased consumer activity if your website is optimized for mobile devices.

Studies also show that four out of every five consumers use mobile devices for research and transactions. Almost everyone uses a mobile device to access information about products and services. People are simply doing business on the go. If a website is not compatible with mobile devices, consumers will feel frustrated and statistics show they won’t give you a second chance.

At Stigan Media, we want your customers to have a satisfying and enjoyable mobile experience. And we are committed to working with you to determine what your business’ specific mobile site needs are.

3 Types Of Mobile Sites

This is the most popular option. It provides users with a replica site on their mobile device that it easy to use. That means no tiny buttons that need zooming and no endless scrolling. It is your site, formatted for customer convenience.

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