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Unbounce Landing Pages

Landing pages are sort of self described. A landing page is a page that a visitor lands on when visiting your website. But in the world of marketing, they mean a little more.

In online marketing, there are two kinds of landing pages: Click Through and Lead Generation.


Types of Landing Pages

Click through Landing pages

Click through landing pages persuade a visitor to, you guessed it, click through. Why use them? The click through landing page generally provides information to introduce, or “warm up” a product or offer to a visitor. Afterwards, they are directed to an actionable page like a shopping cart or registration page. Think of them like the information vault boards that spring people in the direction of taking an action like making a purchase.

Lead Generating Landing Pages

Lead generating pages usually contain a form and a description of what you’ll get after you’ve submitted your information. Why use them? Lead generating landing pages capture data like a name and email address so your business can reach them later. Whether you are offering a discount, free trial, notification, or more information like an ebook, lead generating landing pages help you communicate directly with customers.

We Are Experienced Landing Page Designers

At Stigan Media, we use Unbounce to create landing pages for our customers. This local Vancouver company knows the market and provides a perfect service. Unbounce landing pages are easy to design and make changes to, and are easy to test to make sure we are getting it right.

Landing pages are highly effective ways to engage with your customers and are becoming an integral part of successful websites. Don’t get left behind — inquire to see how landing pages can work for your company.

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