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Stigan Media is a Vancouver-based web design company that provides strategic web design to create custom-branded websites with innovative designs, effective calls to action, and compelling copy that will turn visitors into loyal customers.

The right web design means the difference between a profitable site that generates ongoing revenue and leads, or a waste of resources and company time. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed with developing a website for your business, or frustrated with lack of results from your existing one, Stigan Media can help.


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Why Wordpress?

There are numerous reasons why we love building websites with Wordpress but to break it down in short-form, here is a list of why we think Wordpress is a great website platform:

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  • Affordable
  • Custom Designs
  • Easy to use
  • E-commerce / Shopping Website
  • Managed Updates & Nightly Backup
  • Mobile Friendly / Responsive
  • Quick Turn-around (on smaller websites)
  • Track Conversions & Traffic
  • Unlimited Features

We Are Experienced WordPress Website Designers

Like San Francisco, Vancouver has quickly become a hub of IT, App and Web Developers; and like Montreal, it is growing in the AI sector.

For small and medium sized businesses who are looking to hire a company, freelancer or agency to design their new website, Stigan Media might be the right web design company for your business. We love working with businesses in different industries because it keeps us motivated and makes our 'job' exciting. We couldn't imagine building a restaurant website over and over again, or only working with Lawyer websites putting out the same content, sure it sounds like a good business model, but at what point do all of the websites look the same or offer the same content?

When a new website development opportunity comes to us, the idea of bringing something to life not only excites us with design ideas, but the marketing that comes after is what fuels us! Designing Banner Ads, Call-To-Actions, Instagram Ads, Targeted Facebook ads, creating an SEO campaign, building a solid PPC account, testing... All of it!

We love new website projects. And our clients do to! No matter the size of the project, you will always receive great service and quality website. If you're looking for a custom solution Ecommerce website built on WordPress, or a simple 3 page website, we always deliver. We also design custom landing pages too.

If you're still unsure or have questions, just pick up the phone and call us! 1-877-978-2652, we'll answer. If not, we'll call you back shortly.

Website Specifics

Whether you’re looking for a 4 page informational website or you’re looking to migrate an existing website, we can help. Whatever your company needs are, we have you covered. You can expect a few options that work within your budget and business goals. We use Wordpress as a CMS which makes owning your website and managing it a breeze.

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