SEO Strategies for Insurance Agents

SEO for insurance industry case study

In the tough insurance market, getting noticed online is really hard. But at Stigan Media, our SEO team knows how to make insurance agencies stand out in search results. We’ve had great success helping local insurance agents double their website visitors from 2022 to 2023 with our SEO strategies. This big increase in visitors made them more visible online and top choices in their local areas.

How did we achieve such impressive results? Keep reading this article or save your time contact us for a free SEO audit for your insurance agency.

The Importance of SEO for Insurance Agents & Brokers

insurance seo traffic growth

People often use search engines to look for insurance options. Good SEO helps your insurance agency show up high in these search results, helping you reach people who are looking for insurance. For insurance agents, having a strong SEO plan is important not just for being seen, but also for building trust and standing out in a competitive field.

Strategic SEO Techniques for Insurance Agents

Keyword Research for Insurance Agency Website

Keyword Research for Insurance Agency Website

Starting a strong SEO campaign for insurance experts involves smart keyword research, something Stigan Media is really good at. We find the best keywords from a wide selection to make sure your business gets seen online as much as possible.

  • Deep Dive into Search Volumes: We prioritize keywords that prospective clients frequently use in their online searches, targeting terms that promise to drive traffic. This includes a broad spectrum of keywords such as “insurance agency,” “insurance companies near me” and “insurance broker in [your city]” ensuring we tap into various search behaviors.
  • Clarifying Search Intent: Understanding the intent behind searches allows us to tailor our content strategy effectively. We categorize keywords to capture both direct service inquiries and informational searches:
  • For direct inquiries about insurance services:
    • “insurance brokers near me”
    • “insurance brokers [your city]”
  • For informational purposes:
    • – “how does life insurance work”

Proper keyword research sets the stage for more SEO strategies designed to help insurance agencies, companies, and brokers stand out from their rivals.

Analytics for Insurance SEO Success

Analytics for Insurance SEO Success

Before diving into SEO work for insurance agents, Stigan Media prioritizes a streamlined analytics setup to ensure accurate tracking and reporting of your traffic and leads:

  1. We confirm the proper setup of Google Analytics 4 and integrate Google Search Console to monitor site performance and search visibility.
  2. We optimize your Google Business Profile and expansion to Bing and Apple Maps improve local visibility for insurance services.
  3. We provide integration with advanced SEO software allows for real-time ranking tracking and strategy adjustments.
  4. We establish specific goals in Google Analytics 4 to track key actions, offering insights into your campaign’s ROI. For insurance brokes these are things such as quotes received or phone number clicks.

Website Architecture for Insurance SEO

Website Architecture for Insurance SEO

Evaluating the website architecture of your insurance agency is crucial for SEO. This process involves looking at how your website is structured to improve its ranking in search results and enhance the user experience.

A well-organized website architecture helps search engines better understand and index your site, making it easier for potential clients to find you. It’s all about creating a clear, logical layout with well-connected pages, which not only boosts your site’s visibility but also makes it more user-friendly.

This foundational work sets the stage for successful SEO, ensuring your agency stands out in a crowded market.

Content Optimization for Insurance SEO

Content Optimization for Insurance SEO

For insurance agents, brokers, and companies aiming to dominate the digital space, content optimization is a pivotal next step.

We use the advanced tool Surfer SEO to study what makes top insurance pages rank well. This tool helps us figure out the best keyword strategies that push these pages to the top of search results.

We start by talking with our insurance clients about the main topics and details their website content needs to cover. This teamwork makes sure the content connects with potential clients and meets Google’s standards.

With Surfer SEO, we see how the best content in insurance does things like keyword use, helping us set the right keyword density and placement for your content.

Then, our skilled SEO writers create engaging content using these insights. Unlike some places that might use cheap writing services with poor results, Stigan Media focuses on quality. We believe that interesting, well-written content is essential not only for better SEO but also for keeping potential clients interested.

On-Page SEO Optimization For Insurance Brokers

On-Page SEO Optimization For Insurance Brokers

On-page SEO is key for insurance agents, brokers, and companies wanting to grow online and get more clients. Our detailed plan makes sure every webpage is optimized for both search engines and users.

  • Meta Titles and Descriptions: We carefully create meta titles and descriptions with your main keywords, like “insurance agency [location]” or “SEO for insurance companies,” to boost visibility and clicks.
  • Alt Tags optimization: We make sure every image on your site has descriptive, keyword-focused alt text, making your images searchable and enhancing SEO.
  • H1 and Subheader Optimization: Each page has a clear H1 tag summarizing the content with relevant keywords, such as “insurance SEO experts.” Subheaders (H2-H6) help organize the content, making it easier to read for both users and search engines.
  • Schema Markup Implementation: We add structured data to your site to make it easier for search engines to understand your content, improving your search result appearance with rich snippets, like customer reviews.
  • SEO-Friendly URL Structure: We ensure URLs include targeted keywords, are short, and reflect the content of the page.
  • Strategic Internal Linking: A smart internal linking approach spreads page authority and improves site navigation.
  • NAP Consistency: For local SEO, we make sure your Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) info is correct and consistent across the site, boosting your local search visibility.
  • Showcasing E-E-A-T: We display your expertise, authority, and trustworthiness through insurance certifications, awards, and team information, increasing confidence among potential clients.

Optimizing Google Business Profile for Local Insurance Agents

Optimizing Google Business Profile for Local Insurance Agents

Local SEO is crucial for insurance agents wanting to attract clients in their area. A big part of this is having a well-optimized Google Business Profile, which really helps with local search visibility and this is what you can do.

  • Google Business Profile Optimization: We carefully update your profile with correct info and use targeted keywords to make it more searchable. This includes making sure your contact details are right, choosing the right categories for your business, and adding high-quality images to draw in potential clients.
  • Service Area Focus: We adjust your service areas on your Google Business Profile to make sure you show up in searches that matter most for your location, helping you reach local clients better.
  • Regular Updates and Reviews: We keep your profile fresh with updates and respond to reviews to show your agency is reliable. Getting happy clients to leave positive reviews, and using keywords smartly, makes your profile even stronger.
  • Avoiding Fake Reviews: We advise against using fake reviews. Staying genuine is important because Google is getting better at spotting and penalizing fake content.
  • Bing Business Profile Optimization: We don’t stop with Google; we also make sure your presence on Bing is strong for even wider local visibility.

Technical SEO for Insurance Websites

Technical website audit for Insurance Websites

Technical SEO is the backbone of a successful online strategy for insurance agents, requiring expertise and attention to detail that some agencies might overlook. Stigan Media commits to these critical technical adjustments to align with Google’s guidelines, ensuring your website performs optimally.

  • Resolving 301 and 404 Errors: Utilizing Screaming Frog, we conduct a thorough scan of your insurance website to detect and correct any 301 (redirect) and 404 (page not found) errors. This step guarantees all your pages are accessible and returning a 200 OK status, crucial for maintaining a smooth user experience and search engine visibility.
  • Website Speed Optimization: Recognizing Google’s emphasis on site speed, we leverage “PageSpeed Insights” for a detailed performance analysis. Following this, we implement necessary optimizations to enhance loading times, crucial for retaining visitors and improving search rankings.
  • Mobile Usability Enhancement: Given the increasing prevalence of mobile browsing, we meticulously review your site’s mobile version for any usability issues such as small font sizes or closely spaced elements. Our goal is to ensure a seamless mobile experience for your clients.
  • SSL Certificate Verification: We check the validity of your SSL certificate to ensure your site’s security. An active and valid SSL certificate is essential for keeping your website marked as safe by search engines, which is vital for maintaining your rankings and user trust.

By addressing these technical SEO elements, Stigan Media ensures your insurance website is not only optimized for search engines but also provides a secure, fast, and user-friendly experience, laying a solid foundation for your digital presence.

Off-Page SEO – Building Quality Backlinks

Off-Page SEO - Building Quality Backlinks

Off-page SEO, particularly backlink acquisition, is a critical yet challenging aspect of enhancing your insurance agency’s online authority. Stigan Media’s approach to off-page SEO transcends basic link-building practices, focusing instead on acquiring high-quality backlinks from reputable sources.

– Local Directory Listings: Our initial step involves listing your insurance agency in trusted local directories. This not only provides valuable backlinks but also reinforces your local SEO, helping search engines recognize your agency’s location more accurately.

– Collaborations with Authoritative Domains: We’ve cultivated relationships with a wide range of website owners across relevant industries, allowing us to secure guest posting opportunities. These collaborations result in high-quality backlinks from domains valued by search engines, significantly boosting your site’s credibility and search ranking.

– Disavowing Harmful Links: In the event that your site has accumulated toxic backlinks, whether through previous SEO efforts or malicious competitors, our team conducts a thorough inspection. We identify and disavow these links to protect your site from potential penalties and maintain its search engine standing.

Maximizing SEO to Transform Your Insurance Agency

Insurance SEO results

Good SEO can bring a lot of clients to insurance agents, brokers, and companies. It makes you easy to find online, draws in people looking for insurance, and builds trust in your business. By improving your website and using smart online strategies, you can stand out and attract more clients.

If diving into SEO sounds tough, Stigan Media can help. We customize our SEO plans to fit your insurance business’s needs, helping you grow and get noticed online.

At Stigan Media, we’re skilled in SEO for insurance agents. If you need SEO help, take advantage of our free SEO audit.

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