LOCAL SEO TIPS: 5 FREE Places to Add Your Business Listing

Local SEO

Having a strong Local SEO campaign is vital for the success of your business. As such, you should hire a firm that specializes in SEO advertising, and we can help. To see what we have to offer, click here

With that said, you can improve your SEO without having to pay for a giant ad campaign or meticulously tweak ads on your own. There are sites you can add your business to, and when someone searches for your business, it will pop up on their site and they can learn about it. The best part? They’re absolutely free to add them to, and we actually mean free. Here are five sites you can try.

1. Yelp

Odds are, you’re familiar with Yelp. The site allows customers to make reviews for your business. This can put your business on quite a spotlight, as just one unhappy customer can damage your business’s reputation. However, despite the risk, Yelp can be useful. For loyal customers who write shining reviews, you can give them deals. If a customer has a complaint, you can respond to his or her review. With its reporting tool, you can even see different trends going on.

Yelp is good for an established business, but it may not be good for a startup. Just one bad review can drive away all possible customers. Even if you strive for quality, you may run into that nitpicky customer who leaves one star because on one minor flaw.

2. Facebook

All forms of social media are good for an ad campaign, but Facebook allows you to make the most detail. With Facebook, you can set up a page, customize it for your demographic, create posts that are sharable and give your customers a call to action, and much more. With over a billion active users who spend too much time on the site, your business is sure to be noticed.

There is a catch. While Facebook is free, its page feature has been criticized for not showing posts to everyone who has liked the page. To get more immersion, you have to pay to boost your posts and create ads. However, it’s free to try out, so even if you have a low budget, it won’t hurt to make a page.

3. Google My Business

Google is the powerhouse of search engines, accounting for 69% of all searches online. Naturally, it’s the perfect place for adding your business. When someone Googles your business, it will pop up with the name, location, address, and phone number. If someone is using mobile, he or she can simply click on the number to call. Like Yelp, there’s a place for your customers to review, and you can respond to the reviews. You can even see statistics. If you’re trying to get good SEO, you can’t survive without Google. There’s no way around it. Also, Google Maps comes with Android phones, (and is also downloadable for the iPhone,) so customers can figure out how to get to your business.

4. Bing Places for Business

There’s no stopping Google when it comes to being the number-one search engine, but Bing is the second most-used engine. Despite this, it still accounts for about 12 percent of searches. Bing is the default search engine for many browsers, so it has plenty of life to it. Less people can be a good thing, too. There will be less competition, and thus higher chances of your business being noticed. You can add photos and videos to your campaign, too.

5. Apple Maps

Millions of people have an iPhone, and its maps feature can be useful for your business. When someone’s looking for a restaurant and your restaurant is close by according to the map, you’ve earned a new customer. Like Yelp, Apple Maps has a place for customers to review and businesses to respond, and customers can click to call. You can even access your social media accounts and connect your site to Apple Maps. Neat, huh?

If you haven’t created an account with these sites yet, what are you waiting for? There’s nothing to lose, but a lot to gain. Of Course if you don’t have time and you need help with creating these pages, be sure to give us a call 778-379-0888 or contact our Vancouver SEO company to book a free consultation.