Stigan Media is Born!


Hello Friends

As of last Friday we are proud to announce we have changed our name over to Stigan Media! Good Bye Fluid Marketing πŸ™ Although we loved the name, we were forced to change it!

Thank you to everyone that helped, our New Logo was designed by our very own Tanya Bones, thanks Tanya for all the hard work on this; we know that we can be picky sometimes.

In the next week or so we will have our New Website, stay tuned for our launch dates. In the meantime visit us at our New Social Media Accounts:

Β Note: Our Linkedin has Changed, we submitted a request to have it changed to Stigan.

Visit us on those pages for tips and announcements and even deals from our clients!

We created this Infograph below to show you the Evolution of Fluid Marketing to Stigan Media

Feel free to comment about what you think about our rebrand.

We are really excited for whats in store for the rest of 2012 and 2013. Happy Monday!

Β stigan-mediaStiganΒ – To Go Up, To Rise, Ascend, ClimbΒ 

When working with Stigan the only way for your Marketing to go is Up!

Thanks Everyone!

Sandro, Tanner and Adwin