Pinterest Introduces Business Pages


Earlier this month Pinterest introduced Business Pages.  With Business pages you will now be able to get analytics about what products Pinterest users are pinning, do searches on products in your field and see what works and and pin accordingly. Tumblr has been integrated into this Business Page feature as well.

When creating or converting your current page to a Business Page, you will be encouraged to add a Pin Button onto your site, this is a great idea as it should drive more traffic to your site, with more people that pin your products or tips onto Pinterest, the more referral traffic you can potentially gain from Pinterest users.

They have also started paving the way for collaboration, enabling you to invite other users to pin on your boards. That way you can start your own community on Pinterest much like Facebook. You are able to invite users onto your boards and let them pin on them.

Another great feature is Verifying your Business, by adding a special code onto your website, Pinterest can now verify that you are the actual owner of the Business. Upon verification you will receive a Badge by your name verifying your account thus giving your more  page credibility by making it the ‘Official’ page of your company.

Getting started on your Pinterest Business page or Converting your current Pinterest Profile into a Business page is pretty simple, just being able to do the above features makes it worth it. Still don’t think you need a Business Page? Pinterest Drives close to if not more traffic to retail websites compared to Facebook.

What other features would you like to see in your Pinterest Business Page? Feel free to comment below or on Facebook and Twitter.