Law Firm Website Design

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If you are an attorney looking for a law firm website design team, or a lawyer website, mediator site or all things legal; having the best lawyer website designed will help you grow your practice. Whether your practice involves personal injury law, business law, family law or criminal defense, a well-built lawyer website could be your number one marketing tool. If you have an existing website, we can help you redesign it to reinvigorate the look and user experience.

When people look online for legal counsel, they want to find an attorney website they can trust. As a result, they should feel comfortable divulging personal information by submitting an online form to an attorney they haven’t met yet. That’s why Stigan Media is diligent to offer website security on every lawyer website we build. We also add security plugins to lock out hackers, and if you’re hosted by us, we will add SSL certificate to your website domain to offer a more trusted website.

Where To Host Your Law Firm’s Website?

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Lawyer cloud hosting in USA or Canada

We have website hosting options for clients around the world. If your law firm is looking to keep their files in The United States or in Canada, we can accommodate this.

Hosting a law firm’s website is just as important as coming up with the content and overall design. If you’re an attorney practicing in The United States, your website files should be hosted in the USA. If you’re practicing in Canada then hosting within Canada is recommended to keep files within the country.

We offer several hosting solutions to accommodate any business that must follow these privacy regulations. From Amazon Cloud Server to local hosts, we have options that will fit your law firm’s needs.

Law Firm Website Design Tips

When persons in need of legal assistance scan the internet for a law firm website, they tend to click on links found at or near the top of the search results page. Stigan Media provides a range of white-hat SEO for Lawyer services to boost page rankings with all the major search engines. We can offer a monthly campaign and we can offer this service as we’re building out your new law firms website.

Adding custom contact forms help would-be clients describe their situation in a manner they can trust to remain private and confidential. This information may be used by legal professionals to qualify potential clients without unnecessary delay.

SEO For Lawyers

If your current lawyer website has been online awhile, there’s a good chance that it’s not mobile friendly. Other factors might be preventing your website from ranking on search engines. Feel free to contact us for a free SEO audit and we’ll share with you some of the most basic strategies to help you grow your website traffic. When we rebuild your site, you may find that client outreach increases exponentially due to a new demographic finding your website with their smartphones.

Secure contact forms provide a measure of trust that facilitates honest communication. Creating call-to-actions throughout law firm’s website will help you convert more of your online visitors. Whether they were referred to you by a friend and are searching on your website, or by an organic search result, potential clients might miss out on making contact with lawyers who may assist them in dealing with their particular circumstances. Some law firms are adapting to pop-up Call-To-Actions, Chat features or simple “Call Now” buttons to help with their conversions.

An intuitive, simple to navigate website can be an essential element of any private attorney’s or legal partnership’s marketing strategy. Present a reliable handshake to potential clients to impart a sense of confidence in your brand. A great website redesign should take a good internet reputation and make it even better. Our portfolio will show you some samples of law firm websites, and other industries.

These days, most people use the internet to find products and services they need. The more visible and professional a lawyer’s online presence is, the likelier it is that potential clients will opt to contact you. Of course, having a great website is no guarantee of success. That’s why Stigan Media also provides a range of brand-boosting services, including first-class logo design, personalized branding, and expert SEO marketing. Check our SEO services for more information.

What To Expect From Our Design Team

When Stigan Media begins to build a website, we do so in a manner that encourages interaction with potential and current clients. After understanding your business goals, strengths, and weaknesses, we provide you with a custom proposal catered to your business needs.

We will also provide you with current industry trends straight from Google! Our SEO strategies allow us to do a proper keyword research on the specific words you want to rank. From here we’ll look for relevant keywords that have more traffic, or that are better qualified for your ideal client.

Once a design is discussed, you can expect a link to your new website where you’ll be able to play around with the site and actually navigate through it. We feel this is much better than providing you with a picture of your home page :).

Our experienced specialists provide web design services. To speak to someone about your law firm’s goals, or to have a website audit done, please call us at 1-877-978-2652. To schedule an appointment online, fill out our contact form and we’ll contact you within 24hrs.