iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3


Now that we have reviewed both the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 we are about to present as promised Showcase Showdown pitting both Phones against each other with a couple of our tests. Before we get to those let’s compare the specs, here is a comparison chart from Droid Life:

As for my tests they are as follows (All tests using the same Wi-Fi network):

Which Phone Power Upped FasteriPhone (although it took a couple of moments longer than the S3 to find the same network)

Downloading Apps – We downloaded Google Chrome on both phones, the winner? Samsung

Booting up Chrome – iPhone

Searching on Google Chrome – Our search for “Canucks” produced a clear winner with the iPhone noticeably faster.

Clicking on First Link – the first link completed it’s load on the iPhone while Samsung was still on the search results page.

Better Camera – You decide here is a pic of our office dog Bailey. Samsung on the Left and iPhone on the right

Sending Emails – Sent an email to myself and I received the Samsung first

Siri vs S-Voice – I asked, “what is the weather like in Vancouver” and the iPhone got my results way faster. Setting a reminder was also won by the Apple Device, searching the web was won by the iPhone too.

So there you have it, you can see by my above tests that the A6 processor does speed up the iPhone a lot more.

Are there any further tests you would like me to run? Feel free to ask us below and we will test it out for you.