HOW TO: Create a Facebook Business Page


When I am out visiting prospective customer I start to notice a lot of them have a Facebook Profile rather than a Facebook BUSINESS page. There are the business owners that don’t know the difference and there are the owners that want to be able to add their friends instead of having people “Liking” their page.

In my opinion not having a Business page for your business is a big mistake, for starters you are in direct violation of the Facebook Terms of Service, here are some more reasons why:

– Facebook Insights – with a Profile page you don’t get to see how many people engaged in your posts and other analytics a Business Page gives you.

– Facebook Offers – Your able to Create Offers to your fans

– Fan Gates – you can create a fan gate, so users see a different landing page in hopes a custom landing page will get you more fans

– Gives you More Exposure on the Internet. The Facebook Business pages are indexed better on Search Engines, which will give you more real-estate when potential customers are looking for your company

So if your one of the owners that don’t know the difference and don’t have a Business page read on. If you’re in the latter group with the profile pages and you are convinced to make the change, Facebook has an option where you can migrate your profile page into a Business Page.

Here are the steps to create a Facebook Business Page:

1. When you first sign in on the left hand side you will see a tab “ Create a Page” click it

2. From there pick the Type of Page that pertains to you and fill out the fields
3. You will then be asked to upload a profile pic, I would suggest your Logo
4. Then add a description your web address and other relevant info you have
5. Then choose your Facebook web address
6. Final Step, Enable Ads. You can either skip this step or learn more about Facebook Ads

That’s it you’re done! Stay tuned for my next Blog on How to Optimize and Promote your Facebook Page.