Does my Business need a Blog?


One of our first Blog entries stated that 58% of Small Businesses do NOT have a website. How alarming, but of the 42% that do, how many are Blogging? 40% of US companies Blog.

Well you might think that those companies are in an industry that has something to say, ‘I am a Carpet Cleaner I don’t need a Blog!’ You cannot be more wrong. Let’s give you three stats you can’t ignore:

  • Business to Consumer companies get 88% more leads per month than companies that don’t blog
  • Business to Business companies get 67% more leads per month compared to companies that don’t blog
  • Companies that Blog got 55% more traffic to their website.

Here is an example from our experience, when we started this temporary website our traffic was really low. But through Blogging and Social Media, our traffic increased by 10 times and increased calls.

Still don’t believe us here are some more reasons.

Blogging Helps SEO

Google loves ‘Fresh’ Content, the more you update your site, the better it is for SEO. So Blogging will create you that ‘Fresh’ content while at the same time updating your site every time you make a post.

Additionally, if done right with keywords in mind when you’re writing; Blogging could potentially give you more visibility on those coveted keyword searches on the results page.

Gives your Business Credibility

When reading a company Blog the reader gets to know a little bit more about your company before they do business with you. If they like the tone of your Blog or agree with your post the likelihood of them calling you increases substantially.

Not only that it can build trust and improve your reputation, making you look like an industry expert. Consumers like doing business with companies they can trust.

Great way to get Backlinks

Backlinks are links from other sites leading back to your site. Google treats this almost like a ‘vote’, the more ‘votes’ you get means the more popular your site is thus improving you rankings on the search results.

Engage with your Customers

Helps you engage with your customers and gets that conversation going, whether its via your Company Blog, Twitter or Facebook; any chance you can engage with your customers the better it is for your Brand.  You might be afraid you will get some Bad Comments, most Blog platforms give you the ability to monitor the comments or have a filter to screen any swear words. Even if you do get a Bad Review, treat it as an opportunity to improve your company and show other companies how much you care after the sale.

Solve Problems and Answer Questions

We continually post “HOW TO:” blogs there is a reason for that, when visiting customers we show our customers different tricks and online techniques that are free. Lots of those times the customer has no idea what to do when we leave, instead of sending them instructions every time, we can now just direct them to the Blog.

Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ’s can be answered on a Blog too. Every business has at least 2 or 3 questions that are always asked during a first time call from a customer. Blogging will help limit those questions.

Still think you don’t need a Blog? Let us know why below or on Facebook and Twitter. Look out tomorrow for some tips on Blogging.