Benefits Of Using WordPress


Since 2003, WordPress has been evolving into an online giant in web


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From beginning as a simple bloggers tool, to evolving into an online source for website developers. Here we discuss why we feel you need a WordPress website.

Easy to use

For anyone who is online savvy and can take the time to learn something by trial and error, WordPress is an easy to use platform when building a website. The only thing you’ll need is to find a web host, so that your website can be found online, download & install WordPress, and play around with it. You can buy themes and plugins (which I talk about below) to help you with a look you are trying to achieve or a feature you need to include.

Search Engines Love It

Search engines use robots to find content on the web. If you have good content and it is easily found, your website will be indexed and ranked better than websites displaying poor or low quality content. WordPress displays your content in a clean and easy to read way allowing for robots to find it quicker.

No Developer? No Problem.

Lets face it, you can’t avoid fallouts with businesses or friends… It happens. Building a website with WordPress is a great benefit because there are millions of web developers who can help you. Just be sure you have all your login credentials and admin access to access your Cpanel, Host & Domain and your WordPress Admin.

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100% Customizable

WordPress allows you to move everything, anywhere. If you want something smaller or bigger, you can do it. If you like a specific feature, not a problem. Most of the customizable features or looks will require experience and time, but fear not, it can be done.

Unlimited Features & Plugins

This ties into the ‘100% Customizable’, you see, not only are there web developers, there are app developers, software developers and more! WordPress is an Open Source CMS project which means there are thousands of people world-wide working on it, making it better. Need a feature for your site? There’s probably a Plugin for that.

Multiple Users and Access limitations

If you have several people adding content or managing the website, you can assign them their own personal Username and Password so that you can monitor what each user is doing. You can also manage their access by selecting one of the following User Roles within WordPress:

      • Subscriber
      • Contributor
      • Author
      • Editor
      • Administrator

CMS Tool (Content Management Software)

CMS is a program or software that manages content in 1 place making it easy to maintain. Using a CMS replaces the need to code information by hand and allows for an easier workflow.

Complete Control

Again, this applies to a someone who has some computer skills, but once you understand the basics of WordPress, you won’t need to rely on your web developer or wait on anyone to update or add information on your site. I like to say its kind of like using Microsoft Word.

Free.. and Priceless!

Pulled straight off the … And its very true. WordPress has become a priceless tool that is constantly growing and helping businesses succeed online. Yes, it is free. However, some find it easier to have a web developer set up everything on a host, download WordPress, install a theme and add plugins to customize it the way they want rather then learning it themselves. Time is money.