Advantages Of Working With A Google Partner Agency 

Google Partner Agency

What Does It Mean To Be A Google Partner Agency?

If your agency has that Google Partner badge, what does that mean? For you, the client, it’s a seal of quality with many perks.

Before we go on to the advantages of being a Google Partner, let’s see what exactly a Google Partner is. As you know, Google is inescapable in the online marketing world. You won’t survive without an AdWords account, and you can put your ads on Google’s search engine, YouTube, and more. A chunk of Google’s revenue comes from people wanting to advertise. It’s easy, making any business eligible to advertise.

Google Partner is how Google separates the wheat from the chaff. A Google Partner will spend $10k on ads every 90 days. But it’s not all about the money, either. Google tests potential partners to see if they meet the qualifications to be a partner, such as having advanced knowledge on AdWords.

So if the agency is a partner, it knows its stuff. But what other advantages does working with a Google Partner agency offer? Here are a few.

Quality Customer Service

Google keeps the agency’s customer service in check in order to deliver to you the best customer service imaginable. You won’t find bad customer service in a Google Partner agency. By working with a Google Partner agency, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the agency won’t leave you hanging if you have any questions.

Also, things like Transferring Ownership of the account to your client if they choose to cancel, you won’t believe how many horror stories of SEM Companies holding former client’s hostage by not transferring ownership ones the relationship has ceased.

Guaranteed Testing

A Google Partner will do experimentation on your ads to make sure they’re reaching the largest audience possible. Whether it’s scrutinizing the keywords or figuring out the best place to host your ads, you’re guaranteed that your campaign won’t fail.


Transparency is Key to becoming a Google Partner, things like monthly reporting to let the client know where their money is going and how it’s spent. Is one of the Pillars of being a Google Partner, you MUST let your client know about the Google Spend. If you don’t your partnership can be voided.

Access to Beta Tools

Google is always coming out with something new, and if you’re working with a partner, you’ll have access to beta tools before the other guys get to use them. While some of the tools will still need kinks worked out on them, it’s beta for a reason, you can be experienced in the ever-changing world of online marketing before anyone else.

Great Deals

As Google Partners ourselves, we will reveal to you our biggest secret: Google lets us give you some pretty awesome deals! Would you like to take advantage of one of the deals? Contact us today to find out what is available to you

So now you know what it means to be a Google Partner, and you realize how great it is to work with one. If the advertising agency you’re working with isn’t Google Partner certified, you’re missing out on a whole lot of deals, perks, and guarantees of quality!