5 Ways to Kill Time


Although I am not a fan of wasting time during work, once in a while you need a break from it all. So today I have decided to post a couple of websites and Apps that are fun and will help you kill some time or be entertained

1. QWOP – This is a game where you are an Olympic Runner, you are the Sole Runner in a small Nations entry. You use the “Q” “W” “O” and “P” keys to run, hence the name. Very tough game but pretty fun to play.

2. Face In Hole – this site lets you take any pic and put either your face or anyone else’s face in the photo. Can be fun posting pics of your friends and tagging them on Facebook

3. Virtual NES – Play Nintendo Games online

4. Draw Something – This Phone app is pretty much Pictionary on the phone, you can either connect with friends via Facebook or play random people. You start off by having 3 options of things to draw. You draw them and your opponent guesses what it is.

5. Songza – Experts create playlists for you to listen to. You pick the situation for example “Weekend Dance Party” and they give you lists of songs to play. Good way to find new music, make sure you download the app to it’s great for when your on the go.

Like I say I don’t condone wasting time while working, but every once in a while we all need a break or some new tunes to listen to. Have fun everyone!

Do you have any neat sites or apps that help you kill time? Please comment below or let us know on our Facebook Page or on Twitter.