5 Blogging Tips that will increase Traffic


Yesterday our post was about the benefits of Blogging, today we are going to give you 5 tips that will get your Blog Optimized and increase website traffic.

Blog Often

Studies have shown that companies that Blog 16-20 times a month get double the traffic that a company that Blogs 4 times a month.  Frequency Matters but so does content. Don’t just blog about the same thing over and over again, or people won’t read it.  Especially if it’s exactly the same thing, which is duplicate content and that is way worse.

Solve Problems

If you are out there solving people’s problems you not only gain credibility and a great reputation. It also makes your website a destination site to get great information.

This leads to repeat visits and other websites or blogs linking to yours.

Guest Blogging

Maybe you have someone that is in the same industry that also has a Blog, invite him or her to have her Guest Blog on yours and you can do the same. For example a Realtor might want to partner with a Mortgage Broker, Interior Designer, or any Company that is in the Trades.

Key in on Keywords

Research Keywords by using the Google Keyword Tool and find words that you would like to show up for. Then Blog about those topics, keywords on the page of your site is one of the most important things on Google’s Algorithm, by using those words on your site, it increases your chance of getting ranked higher.

Be careful not to overdo it, which is considered Keyword Stuffing; doing that gets you into trouble.

Have Fun and Be Yourself

Blogging does increase your traffic, but the other side of the coin is to showcase your company. So put some of your personality into it. Show the reader why it is great to deal with your business.

BONUS TIP! Leverage Social Media

Make sure you post your Blog entry on your Social Media accounts, not only will this drive traffic to your site, but you never know who could read it and comment. All you need is that one person with a huge network, Justin Bieber?; our other company MainMenus.com had a contest early this year. 1 Tweet and 1 Facebook post by our Friend Kristine at BusyButHealthy.com garnered us 100 entries in 1 day.

Most important thing about Blogging? Have FUN, if you treat it like a chore, it will become one.  Don’t always try to sell, from time to time do a post about something funny or entertaining. If the reader gets to know you and likes you, the chances of them calling will be greater.

Do you have any Blogging tips? Feel free to drop us a line on Facebook and Twitter.