Ad Customization With New Google AdWords IF Function


We are closing out the 4th month of 2017 and Google has already made a number of significant changes and improvements to the way their Chrome browser functions for both users and site builders alike. These new innovations are designed to make the browsing experience more streamlined and user friendly than ever, while at the same time helping website owners get the most out of their digital strategies by taking advantage of more up to date functions like Google AdWords’ new IF function, which will actively tailor a website’s ads to the specific person that views them.

Google Adwords Introduces IF Function

The new “IF” functions will work in a few different ways, depending on wo the current audience is for a particular online advertisement:

  • IF the user is searching for or browsing a site for the first time, they will be considered a new customer, and will see ads that primarily feature introductory promotions.
  • IF the user has visited the site before, they will see ads for things like loyalty programs designed for returning customers.
  • Finally, IF the customer is using a mobile browser, they will see more ads that direct them to the mobile features of a site, such as easy mobile checkout.

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These adaptive new features will go a long way towards helping companies get a better turnaround from users who visit their websites. In addition to the features described above, IF functions may also be customized to display different kinds of copy according to variables like age or gender of the user, or even the time of day they are browsing. Site builders can us the IF function in multiple fields on one ad, such as the second headline or description, which means there will be a lot more potential for turnaround coming from individual advertisements.

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