Why We Love Landing Pages and How We Make Them Work For You!

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Landing Pages To Boost Your Google Adwords Conversions

In today’s digital world, browsing on the internet has become more streamlined and immersive than ever before. For the online consumer, this means it is easier to find exactly what they are looking for, thanks to great innovations like native advertising and Search Engine Optimization. One way lots of companies are taking advantage of this streamlined digital marketing is by doing something as simple as having landing pages created for their website. A landing page is a very simple and very effective way to get customers engaged in a specific promotion, product, service, etc. that a company is featuring at a specific time. They are usually linked to an online advertisement that is promoting a specific message or deal that is tailored to a specific target group. An example of such a group could be generating more phone calls to increase sales.

Landing Page Vs Traditional Website

A landing page is very different from a traditional homepage. While having a clean, attractive and informative homepage is a must for any company’s website, this type of webpage is not always the ideal choice when trying to engage a specific target group with your advertising. A homepage that contains a lot of general information is a lot less likely to keep potential customers on your website, especially if they happen to be searching for something your advertising specifically references. With a landing page that is specifically tied to a certain product or promotion, you can greatly simplify the way your company makes sales by letting the consumer discover your ad and find the product on your website’s landing page which will easily direct them to purchasing.

We Use Unbounce Landing Pages

At Stigan Media we are ready to upgrade your company’s website with the latest in streamlined landing pages that can help increase your sales and expose your brand to specific target groups. Our site builders use Unbounce to create landing pages, which is a unique page building tool that allows us to create quickly constructed and attractive landing pages that simultaneously provide insight into that particular page’s effectiveness. Unbounce also allows us to increase the flow of your websites traffic through the sales funnel by helping us create High Converting Unbounce Pages. These pages are designed to generate high volume traffic on your website for one specific message that is directly tied to an online advertisement. By keeping your landing page consistent with your advertisement’s main message, we can quickly generate interest into sales for your company.

Unbounce enables us to quickly make changes to the Landing Pages when needed, as well easily perform A/B tests. That way we can perform multiple tests to pages to see which pages converts, in turn getting you the most customers.

To learn more about how we can generate traffic on your company’s website and other ways we can help increase your brand’s popularity and sales, check out our website, or feel free to contact us. You can also check us out via social media to see how we’ve helped other businesses in the Vancouver area get the most out of their digital marketing.