SEO vs Digital Strategies

We come across several clients that are in need of a professional Search Engine Optimization campaign, but aren’t exactly sure what that involves. As consumers increasingly turn to the web, the need for effective digital marketing and SEO campaigns becomes necessary for businesses of all sizes. Most people have a good understanding of what Search Engine Optimization is and how it can be beneficial for a company, but for most ‘SEO’ strategies to be truly effective at helping a business grow it needs to be a part of a complete digital strategy or marketing mix.

In our experience, the most successful digital strategies are not limited to just a SEO campaign, but also include regular website content updates, marketing via email, Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, on page and off page strategies, and perhaps most importantly, regular social media posts. It is through social media that most companies receive their largest amount of engagement. By creating a blog and sharing the link on your social media profiles you can increase the amount of traffic your website gets and use that awareness to grow your business. You can also remarket your ads through Facebook or through your PPC campaign to expand your company’s reach on the web and gain potential clients that are looking for your product or service.

There are a wide range of digital strategies that use a combination of these methods to help all kinds of businesses in different ways. What each of these methods have in common is the fact that they are all effective and they all relate to a proper digital strategy.

At Stigan Media, we believe creating unique digital strategies using these proven methods is a good way of ensuring that each of our client’s specific needs are met. As our own company continues to grow, we have noticed how our clients also see the value of the type of digital marketing we offer.

If you would like to find out how the right digital strategy can help your company grow, give our adverting agency a call and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!