HOW TO: Claim your Google Places Listing


Yesterday we wrote about Google Places and why you need to have a listing. Today we will show you how to claim your listing.

Since website change often, these step could become outdated, if that is the case you can get the Google Instructions here

1. The first thing you want to do you go to Google Places

2. Then Click “Get Started Now” on the right side Under “Get Your Business Found on Google”

3. If you have a Google account then you will be prompted to sign in, if not choose the option to sign up at the top right
4. You will then be asked to choose your Country and to submit your business phone number
5. You should then see your listing, if not you will be prompted to create one
6. Click “edit”
7. Fill out all Necessary information, be sure to add your logo and pictures; if you have a video on Youtube you may add that by adding the link to your video on Youtube. This is very important the more “Rich Content” you have on the page the better your rankings. Be sure to add your website link here.
8. Click Submit and you will be asked to verify the listing. In order to ensure you are the actual owner of the company, Google will call you to verify and give you a PIN number to complete this process.

When that is all completed you will be given the Analytics to your page, you will see how many impression your page has and how many clicks. If you are in the United States you will be able to post offers on your page.

Now that your page is claimed how to you increase its visibility? Check back here in a couple days when we show you how, Tomorrow we show you how to Create a Google Places listing. This will be especially important to those New Businesses out there.

Having troubles or have tips? Feel free to comment below, on Facebook or Twitter.