Google Cleans up SERP’s Targeting Mobile Devices


If you haven’t noticed by now, Google removed a few links and features from their Search Results Page. On Tuesday, Tamar Yehoshua, a search director at Google, wrote a blog post that changes have been made to the company’s search results pages.

He says “we’ve been working on ways to create a consistent search experience across the wide variety of devices and screen sizes people use today. We started with tablets last year, got it to mobile phones a few weeks ago, and are now rolling out to the desktop”.

What does this mean to the user? You notice a clean look, a very simple new look on the SERPs. Google is always trying to create ways to make your experience a great one. They’ve been testing different ways across different devices to see how it will display on the different screens out there. Google rolled this new look out a few weeks ago, and have now launched it for desktops.

This past year you’ve seen how Responsive Design has influenced several thousands of companies to change their Mobile Site into one that ‘responds’ to the screen you are using. This change simply proves how important it is to have a ‘Mobile Friendly’ online presence.

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Happy Friday.