Choosing the Right Colors for Your Website and Marketing


When creating a website with our Clients one of the main things we always talk about is colors. What Colors to use to represent your business and what to stay away from. But did you know that colors have meaning? And can create a sense of urgency to buy?

In the Book Buyology, by Martin Lindstrom; a study was done that showed that Smokers of the Brand Marlboro would crave a Cigarette when they saw “Marlboro Red”. For example the Red Ferrari in a race or a Red Rose.

Here are some meanings of some of the most popular Colors:


Blue is one of the more popular colors with Plumbers and Drink Companies. Darker Blues can represent Loyalty, Strength and Reliability (Great for Corporate Designs). Lighter Blues can mean Refreshing and Cool (like a refreshing Drink).

Popular Blue Logos

  • Facebook
  • Pepsi
  • Vancouver Canucks


Red can be one of the Favorite colors because of our Flag.  It represents Love, Power, and Aggression.  Would work well with Flower Shops or Martial Arts Studios. Red Can also mean a sign of Danger which is why it is used with “Stop” and “Yield” Signs

Popular Logos

  • Boston Pizza
  • Coca Cola
  • Team Canada


Every time I think of Yellow I think of a School bus, they are painted that way because it is the easiest color to see. People that are colorblind are sometimes able to see yellow. Symbolizes wisdom, joy, and happiness. Studies have shown that people lose their tempters more in Yellow Rooms and babies cry more.

Popular Yellow Logos


Black Symbolizes Authority and Power, that’s why you see a lot of Powerful Men, wear Black all the time. It can also make you look thinner and sophisticated.

Popular Black Logos

  • World Wildlife Fund
  • Playboy
  • Volcom


Green symbolizes nature and pure, great for landscape companies because the grass is green. Can mean balance, growth and harmony as well. Goes great with Yellow and other natural colors.

Popular Green Logos

  • John Deere
  • Greenpeace
  • Green Lantern

As you can see choosing the right colors for your Marketing Strategy can depend on the industry you’re in but also what image you want to portray. These are the top 5 most popular colors what are your favorites? Feel free to comment below or on Facebook and Twitter